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See below for a bill by bill synopsis and link to the voting record or bill update.

SB 89 AND HB 445

Nursing Practice - Support

Companion bills to remove the required for the requirement for the Collaborative Agreement for Prescriptive Authority for Controlled Substances (CAPA-CS) for APRNs after 4 years of prescribing controlled substances with a CAPA-CS.

SB 89 – Sponsored by Sen Hornback and 3 co-sponsors (Buford, Adams and Embry). No action

HB 445 – Sponsored by Rep Webber and 6 co-sponsors (Carney, Johnson, Meyer, Palumbo, Schamore and York). Had a full hearing in House L&O Committee, but without a vote. 

SB 94

Nursing Practice - Support

Allows employers to access KASPER reports on controlled substances prescribing by employees as part of a bona fide investigation.

Senator Westerfield; No action

SB 149

Nursing Practice - Support

Establishes Palliative Care Council and program; Includes nursing, APRNs. 

Senator Adams and 3 so-sponsors, passed the Senate and House H&FS Committee unanimously; was never called for final vote in the House before the session ended

HB 427

Nursing Practice - Support

Clean-up bill with technical corrections filed by the KY Board of Nursing; among other things, it would require a jurisprudence examination for APRNs and removes duplicate committees.

Representative Wuchner and 3 co-sponsors; passed House and Senate with House concurring on last day of session.

Signed into law by the Governor

HB 573

Nursing Practice - Support

Establishes minimum staffing ratios in long-term care facilities.

Representative Nelson. No action. 

SB 260

Nursing Practice - Oppose

Inserts mandatory chart review, examination by the collaborating physician annually of every patient for whom the APRN has prescribed controlled substances, and adds other requirements to the CAPA-CS between an APRN and a physician. Puts regulation of the CAPA-CS under the Board of Medical Licensure.

Senator Alvarado. No action

SB 134

Nursing Practice - Oppose

Grants a permit under the KY Board of Nursing to Certified Professional Midwives (who are not nurses) to attend home births, including high-risk births. 

Senators Buford, Julie Raque Adams and 9 bipartisan co-sponsors. Passed the Senate late in the session and was not heard in the House

HB 465

Nursing Practice - Monitor

This bill is the state's response to a Supreme Court case involving anti-trust actions by the NC Dental Board, where the US Supreme Court ruled that there must be state oversight of licensure boards to prevent anti-trust actions by "marked participants." While there remain some problems with the bill, it is preferable to having the Governor mandate the reorganization by Executive Order.

Representative Koenig. Passed the House but was not heard in the Senate. It is unclear whether the Governor will issue an Executive Order to do this omnibus reorganization of all the licensure boards or not. 

SB 29

Tobacco Control/Smoking Cessation - Support

Raises tax on cigarettes a minimum of $1 and taxes other tobacco products; establishes a fund for tobacco cessation and treatment of related illnesses.

Senator Meredith. No action.

SB 51 AND HB 318

Tobacco Control/Smoking Cessation - Support

Companion bills to prohibit tobacco use in schools and on school property, kindergarten - 12th grade.

Senator Alvarado. No action.

Representative Moser. No action.

SB 93

Tobacco Control/Smoking Cessation - Support

Allows city or county government to control tobacco sales, removes pre-emption.

Senators Adams, Alvarado and Kerr. No action.

SB 5

Consumer Protection Issues - Support

Carves the Medicaid pharmacy benefit away from the MCOs and their Pharmacy Benefit Managers, making the KY Department for Medicaid Services responsible for it.

Senators Wise and 10 co-sponsors. Passed the Senate and House.

Signed in to law by the Governor

SB 79

Consumer Protection Issues - Support

Prohibits "surprise billing" by requiring insurers to pay for out-of-network providers to prevent consumers from unexpected bills when they have chosen an in-network facility. 

Senators Alvarado and Buford. Sent to Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, was heard but no vote taken. No further action.

SB 143

Consumer Protection Issues - Support

Establishes standards for prior authorization for urgent care services and other health care services.

Senator Alvarado. No action

SB 154

Consumer Protection Issues - Support

Requires posting of health care costs to create more transparency for consumers to make health care choices.

Senator Alvarado. Passed the Senate very late in session, not heard in House.

HB 69

Consumer Protection Issues - Support

Establishes one credentialing agency for all MCOs and private insurers; tightens up the time frame for paying clean claims and addresses network adequacy.

Representatives Fleming and Prunty. Passed the House and the Senate.

Signed into law by the Governor.

HB 124

Consumer Protection Issues - Support

Requires the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to set standards and review all Substance Use Disorder treatment and recovery programs in the state, as funding is available.

Representatives Wuchner and Moser. Passed the House and Senate.

Signed into law by the Governor.

HB 463

Consumer Protection Issues - Support

Sponsored in the past by Senator Buford to put limits on co-pays charged for prescription drugs on a tiered formulary. This year's bill puts limits on the amount that can be charged for a drug and makes other changes.

Representatives Meredith and 4 co-sponsors. Passed the House and Senate.

Signed into law by the Governor.

HB 4

Provider Issues

Establishes confidentiality of peer review activities in health care settings. 

Representative Wuchner and 6 co-sponsors. Passed the House and Senate.

Signed into law by the Governor.

SB 53

Provider Issues

Legislation which would restrict the number of MCOs allowed to operate Medicaid programs in the state to two, based on criteria around value and performance. Would raise reimbursements for rural providers to match those in closest urban center.

Senator Meredith adn 2 co-sponsors. Sent to Senate Health and Wellness Committee. No action.

SB 112

Provider Issues

Authorizes telehealth services to be paid for on the same basis as in-person services by Medicaid and by private insurers. 

Senator Alvarado and 2 co-sponsors. Passed the Senate with 2 amendment and then by the Housr on the last day of the session.

Signed into law by the Governor. 

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